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Headteacher's Message

On behalf of the pupils, parents, staff and governors, welcome to the Abbey Primary Community School website. I hope you will find it enjoyable, interesting and informative.

We provide an outstanding (Ofsted 2011) quality of education for all the children at Abbey. Our focus is on achieving excellence through providing exciting, relevant learning experiences in the classroom and a full programme of family learning activities.

We create opportunities for success and celebrate each of them. One of our key sayings is ‘Take each and every one of the pupils as if they were your own child. That raises the stakes! If it was my child, how much would I be prepared to give?’

We are proud of the school's academic performance. Abbey gets extremely high results.

End of Foundation Stage GLD (Good Level of Development) was once again up in 2016. The School’s figure rose from 53% (2015) to 64.4%. An amazing 97% of pupils in Year passed the phonics screening check.

Key Stage 1 results were once again very strong and well above national figures. In reading, 83% of pupils gained the expected national standard and 34% the greater depth standard. In writing 81% of pupils reached the expected standard and 27% the greater depth standard. Maths results were 93% at the expected standard and 43% at greater depth standard.

Key Stage 2 SATs in 2016 were much more difficult than previously. This impacted on our reading results which, although above the local authority average, dropped below national. On a strongly positive note, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling and maths were all well above national averages. In writing 98% of pupils achieved the national standard and 41% the greater depth standard. In grammar, punctuation and spelling 85% of pupils achieved the national standard and 23% the greater depth standard. In maths 80% of pupils achieved the national standard and 24% the greater depth standard.

The standards across the school in reading are already significantly higher than last year, through very focused and successful new initiatives. Much higher reading results are predicted for 2017.

We are also proud of our success in extra-curricular activities. We have been county cricket champions for the last 6 years and offer a wide range of musical, drama and sporting activities for children of all ages.

The pupils and staff make Abbey a special place. Don’t take my word for it … come and see for yourself!

Mr Foster